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Disappointed was the best word
Upset too strong
Let down too weak
Just plain disappointed
Trust betrayed
Hope severed
Promises broken
Saddened maybe
Frustrated definitely
Disillusioned almost certainly
But disappointed just seemed to sum it up
That word hung heavy
They simply didn’t deserve him
He neatened his tie
Picked up his books
And left
Never to look back


Admin Mountain

There’s a place called admin mountain
A heap of paperwork
All piled so high with all the stuff
From which we like to shirk

Brown envelopes with invoices
Memorandums listing jobs
Letters that require attention
To cause convulsive sobs

Bills, demands and statements that will
Drain down the money bank
Reports, research and info that
Bustles in the ranks

Paper piled high to get sorted
In time for the deadline
Oh the joys of admin mountain
Let it wait! Now where’s the wine!

Mounting bills Project 365(2) Day 142

Mounting bills Project 365(2) Day 142 (Photo credit: Keith Williamson)



Not again!  That last minute feeling
With the buzz and adrenalin rush
Wondering if you will ever make it
Without getting in another hot flush

Not again!  Cutting it so close
The need to race and beat the clock
The wonder if you’ll actually manage it
With sweating palms riding the shock

Not again!  Down to the wire
Pushing the boundaries, tipping the scales
The heart race and panic now building
Breathing in deeply, looking quite pale

Not again!  Why are we so late?
What happened to planning and being on time?
Organisation and careful time management
Where early gives reason and rhyme!