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Blue Mind

Blue mind
Immersed in the moment
As waves crash onto the shore
Or roll in the deep
Navigating destiny
And anchoring the past with the present
In maritime bliss


The Mariner’s Affair

He climbed aboard and rigged the sail
And sailed from home and family
To the horizon on the sea
Away on a maritime trail

He sailed so far to distant shore
To oriental lands afar
At day by sun, at night by star
A quest to rediscover more

He sailed out on the open sea
In squalls and storms he battled on
In nautical oblivion
Away from you, away from me

And when he reached the ancient port
And stepped out on the Asian soil
A serpent did itself uncoil
In seductive dance with fun cavort

To Judah’s kiss he then succumbed
With lust and doubt not love he came
Towards the serpent and her game
Falling beneath her spell so numb

Her lure so strong, so magnetic
Her charm bewitching in her kiss
Carnal yearning from the abyss
Yet not to last but synthetic

Then cast away he sailed from she
Infatuated, lost, confused
Now dammed astray and gravely bruised
Forever since left out at sea!

The Mariners Affair

With thanks to my dear friend Kate for use of her photo

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