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The Old Nag

He married a horse
An old nag of a girl
With bleach blonded locks
And fake sealed in curls
That cascaded her back
To the nape where a brand
Was burnt on her hide
Like a moth to harangue
And express with great bombast
Without saying a word
Her contempt for herself
That was really absurd

And as lamb dressed as mutton
In a fashion of crass
Her ways altogether
Were in essence quite brash
Loud, overstated and awkward
Even ignorant too
Her demeanour horrific
Her ideas of the hue
Of black and of grey
Marred; mean and morose
A woman from the gutter
And for certain just gross

And over the years
He regretted the day
He’d said ‘yes I do’
As his life slipped away
Under thumb to this woman
Who moaned and complained
Airing her opinions
Again and again
But yet he stayed shackled
To this heinous wench
Who’s appearance and being
Was matched by her stench


Second Chance

When marriage goes a little wrong
A cup might take a crash
But when it fails and falls to bits
The heart takes the backlash

And like the cup that smashes up
It bleeds and is shattered
But not in ways as physical
Yet still destroyed; battered

For at the seat of who we are
The core of every one
Emotionally we’re vulnerable
To things that have been done

Translated by the head a top
Steered by neurology
The heart then takes the knocks; the strains
And weeps eternally

Lest that it is what it does unless
A plaster is affixed
When happiness helps heal the wounds
With kindness in the mix

And then the heart will jump for joy
Be blessed and smile anew
The past no longer there to hurt
Saved by love’s great sinew

To live a life of wholesomeness
That gives without a glance
The beat of grace; the stroke of hope
Best known as second chance

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The energy so static
The air so biting cold
The love between lovers gone
Lost in the days of old

The malice and malevolence
The nastiness and spite
The sheer degree of bitterness
In horrid divorce fight

For he now looks at her
With condemnation cruel
And she regards his being with
Contempt – her surging fuel

With greed now on the table
Where once two hearts were one
But there will be no winners for
This battle can’t be won

And everyone’s a loser when
Such acrimony hits
Such sadness, devastation –
Love thrown into lion pits

I wrote this as I witnessed two adults spatting the other day in public over their financial settlement.  It is so sad when the greatest of love dissolves but sadder still when there is so much hatred and bitterness connected to it and no more so than when money is lighting that fire. 


Divorce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is Love?

Is it the embrace of a lovers’ kiss?
A sonnet imparted
A red rose
Sweet nothings whispered in an ear
A hug, a caress, or a hand to hold
Is it a look that transcends all emotions?
Or a touch that resonates in an essence entwined
Does love not champion and give succour?

Is it marked by indelible etchings into another’s heart?
A sentiment felt
Steadfast, honest, patient and sincere
Delivering kindness, selflessly in benefaction
Imbuing senses symphonically and with crescendo
Yet peacefully redeeming and nurturing the inner sanctum
Is love not contingent on being unconditional?

Is love the commentary of passionate senses abducted?
Time in waiting
A satiation of true devotion and affection
The indispensible impetus in life towards unifying the separated
Yet in its magnitude an expression of the inexpressible
For a life time into eternity love is without definition
For love’s rendition needs no translation.

Wishing our friends who got married yesterday and all other couples who are tying the knot this summer a life of love, happiness, fulfilment and contentment in the years to come.

The Divorce Letter

It ended in the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Not in a hug, or kiss or wave
But simple written fact.

The crest upon the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Revealed the court’s authority
Decisive with impact.

The stamp that sent the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Was franked and just so clinical
No tears or heartfelt act.

The writing on the letter;
The letter on the mat.
Was typed in neat Times Roman font
That left me feeling flat.

Hope severed in the letter;
The letter on the mat.
With searing pain that broke my heart
Dissolving love’s lost pact.