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That Mary Poppins Feeling

That Mary Poppins feeling
As west wind starts to blow
As time comes to pack bags again
Raise brolly and then go

For when all’s done and all is said
When every job’s been done
The call from chimney tops sing out
With elements of fun

And lure of pavement flagstones
Or ride on string of kite
Bids now the time to sail on clouds
Soar upwards to new heights




Just the way to be
Where everything is anything

  To fly on magic carpet
  To drop through pavement stone
  To climb the highest mountain
  To never be alone
  To dream of jewels in caverns
  To sit on emperor’s throne
  To have that magic porridge pot
  To dream in fairy zone

The icing on the cake
Creating fairytales from dreams
For lives that will be great!

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the ...

English: Screenshot of Dick Van Dyke from the trailer for the film Mary Poppins (Photo credit: Wikipedia)