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Facts and figures, frazzling brains
Calculations their campaign
Data cooked before the eyes
Digit crunching; their guise
Like a soup of statistics
For that special number fix
That adds up mathematically
To plates of Numberelli!

Spaghetti Numbers


πr2 (Pie Are Squared)

They say that πr2
But everybody knows
That pie is round and full of stuff
That really only goes
Right in your mouth
With yumminess
Be fruit or savoury
And usually has no corners
Nor squares for πrt!

Apologies for the flagrant bad grammar to make, what hopefully comes over as a humorous, point!  

073/365 - Pi Day Pies, 2012

073/365 – Pi Day Pies, 2012 (Photo credit: djwtwo)

Pi (π) Day

So Pi day comes but once a year
Comes round!  The irony!
The little number that relates
To circle things you see!

The edge measure of any ring
In ratio to its girth
This number in it’s “greekishness”
Unique across the earth

The constant digit in the crowd
Irrational in vein
Transcendental infinitely
It comes around again!

With no repeat or pattern there
Lest each and every year
When three point one four day arrives
Let’s give ‘π’ a big cheer!

English: Pi Pie, created at Delft University o...

English: Pi Pie, created at Delft University of Technology, applied physics, seismics and acoustics Deutsch: Pi Pie (π-Kuchen), hergestellt an der Technischen Universität Delft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have we now become a species that
Need numbers every day
Statistics that will tell us just
What we should do and say
That tell us what to eat and wear
Where to be; where to go
Statistically speaking then
Numbers run our lives just so!

But where is our autonomy
Away from the main crowd
To be the one outlier that
Stats say are not allowed
For in essence it’s those numbers
That makes the difference big
Not sitting right next to the mean!
But out there – don’t you twig?

So don’t become a number nor
A minion or norm
But make your stats significant
Lest dare they all conform
Ensure that you become the one
Who makes the largest range
For your variance might stimulate
A worthy helpful change


Statistics (Photo credit: LendingMemo)


What is it with assumption?
The way we postulate
With supposition’s claims
On which we ruminate
And how do our hypothesis
Add up and make much sense
Are they genuine conjectures?
Or deductions too immense?
And why buy-in to certain theories
That we swear are sure to go
Do they consider all the abstract parts?
Are they fully in the know?

For when we start assuming
There’s a truth that we believe
That the point that we are making
Is the one that all perceive
But maybe by subscription
We have enslaved fictitious thoughts
Or succumbed to the suggestions
That others thought we ought
For assumption can be delusion
And simply out of tune
If we jump to some conclusions,
That assume just far too soon!