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The Fall

My bones are broke, my muscles sore
My feet and legs just dead
My brain’s a fog, my mind’s asleep
My eyelids feel like lead

My knees are bruised, my back is done
My wrists are swollen too
For down the rabbit hole I went
Along with Alice too

But unlike Alice, silently
No magic broke my fall
And so the bumps and bashes hurt
With knocks against the wall

And at the end no little door
Or rabbit with a watch
Nor tea table with mad hatter
Nor time to play hopscotch

No Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee
No dormouse in a pot
No Queen of hearts, or Cheshire Cat
Just searing pain so hot

And added in indignity
Of feeling quite a fool
For sprawling out across the floor
From dropping off a stool!

My bones are broke, my muscles sore
My feet and legs just dead
The pain of taking quite a fall
I should have stayed in bed!


Music’s Meaning

The pulse that makes out every beat
The life blood in the veins
Intrinsic to society
Renewing time again

The feel good factor that awakes
Emotions from within
The key that unlocks and evokes
Passions and strong feelings

The power to soothe or simply calm
The way to just relate
The source of inspiration sure
To prod and motivate

The rhythm, reason and the rhyme
The voice that can connect
The challenge to the way we think
For meaning and effect