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They said it would be scorching
But there again they too
Said there’d be snow in April
And frost in June – it’s true

They said there would be rain storms
When the sun came out to shine
But when they forecast warm weather
A storm raged down the line

So what is this meteorology
We follow with intent
For whatever weather they predict
It’s not the weather sent


The Weather Man’s Depression

It appears that the weather man’s downcast
All dejected, distraught and done in
For today there’s been so much weird weather
I just don’t know where to begin!

There’s been sun and then rain in the morning
With hail, snow and wind after noon
Then thunder and lightning by tea time!
With torrents of rain far too soon!

And tomorrow who knows what will happen
With gales due to lash and to blow
For the weather man’s caught in a depression
With a cold front that just will not go!

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Dear Mr Weather Man

Dear Mr Weather Man I just meant to say
That your endearing smile has brightened my day.
Despite your forecast of storms and threats of more rain
And the fact that the summer has passed us in vain,
Your bright voice, cheery face, and your fun, wacky ties
May one day encourage a meteorological temperature rise!

And dear Mr Weather Man I’d just like to add
That although you are jolly this weather is bad!
So with due haste I must ask you, if only I may,
Why don’t you do me a favour and blow the rain clouds away,
And rid us of the autumn and the winter weather and grot
And press a magic button for a sunny climate that is warm and is hot?!

weather symbol

weather symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Brewing Storm

Watch Out! A storm’s a brewing
And it’s picking up a pace
With hurricane force winds
Pushing forward in the race

To lash out across the mainland
To thrash with brutish force
And pound with might and magnitude
On its way and on its course

To drench the land in wetness
With floods that overflow
And damage trees and buildings
That stand where it might go

To disrupt the roads and railways
To cause havoc with the power
To bring misery and chaos
In the eye of its peak hour

And by the name of St Jude
This depressing storm will sear
On the feast day of its namesake
For lost causes in the year

So batten down the hatches
Weather out the storm inside
And be prepared for some disruption
Until it all subsides.

The Storm

Arrows of light
Shooting out of the sky
Spearing the earth from the clouded heights
Sending shafts of electric fear
With lightning speed
In forks of flashing metal streaks

Discordant crash
Echoes overhead
Pulsating violent thuds in heavens above
Clapping heavily in a constant display
With a mighty resonance
In an erupting cacophony of uproar

Hydrated darts
Pour down on the land
Gushing forth from the burdened clouds
Soaking drenched souls awash
With a deluge; waterlogged
In floods that cannot be withstood

And howling winds
Rise with crescendo’s force
Cautioning the world with a grey blanket
Dimming sunlights luminosity
With a storm’s might
In a whirl of power and strength

But then in a breath ….

Peace yields
Hushed tones return
Ebbing away the weather battle
Pattering drops of rain fade
With calm returning
In the wake of the storm