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Beyond The Mirror

Looking in the mirror and thinking
“Flip! What happened there?”
With hair all wild and crazy
Sticking out without a care
And so grey – where did that come from
When did these signs appear?
For time is rocking on a bit
And age becoming clear
When did these wrinkles creep into
The folds of skin by eye
And oh boy, what gave that stomach grace
To drop south nearer thigh?
But still – each line, each fold, each crease
Are stories in life’s pot
Of a life lived, that’s cared, that’s smiled
So hey! Who gives a jot!

Looking in the mirror and thinking
In a fine and dandy way
Hey if this is what the years can do
Then there’s not much to say.
With hair pure white like wisdom
Each crease, a memory
From smiling through life’s path or course
That’s good enough for me!
And as for stomach – best less said
Save once in days now lost
Four little lives were born from whence
The muscles bore the cost
And so the marks of life reside
On body and on head
But greatest image not in sight
Is heart that still beats red

Beyond the Mirror


Two Faced Delusion

“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
Who is the fairest of them all?”

“Well, that’s,” said Mirror “hard to say.
Which face of yours is on display?
The one you show to Mrs B?
Or the face you show right now to me?
It’s hard to say which face is fair
For you behold two faces there”

“Oh come now Mirror, so confused!
For only one face do I use!
Why do you think you’re the police?
Come Mirror see I keep the peace
Or that is what I think I do
Is that not fair – does it hurt you?”

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Now say that I’m most fair of all”

Two Faced

Two Faced (Photo credit: S1ON)