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Hole in my Heart

There’s a hole in my heart enlarging each day we are apart
Gnawing its way deeper and deeper into my being
With a yearning of our imposed separation depleting my spirit.
Akin to winter storms ravaging the landscape leaving it a barren wilderness,
I miss you in the chasm of the long cold days and the endless passage of time
For the hours that pass between our talking
Seem like an endless, hopeless devoid vacuum;
The bottomless pit of unfilled longing and love in sight but out of physical reach.

Yet when we talk again the sun rises
And summer returns with life shoots springing in my soul,
And the warmth of the sultry weather sweeps through my body
Raising me from my melancholy to renewed heights of passion and love.
For to be with you, in voice, in mind, in body and in spirit is completeness
And the hole is filled and overspills
And a mountain of concordance rises in my midst
Eager to never abate for love is now and now is plentiful.