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Bankers Bonuses

The bankers are all bonkers
When balancing their books
Believing by some balmy break
We’ll let them off the hook
And let the little buggers
Bizarrely bolt and run
Away with Blighty’s bagged up bling
To have a little fun
At tax-payers expense
With big bonuses to boot
Blagging they bloomin’ earnt it all
Ain’t that a blinking hoot?

Bank of England

Bank of England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Give Your Children Just Enough

Give your children just enough
To go and make some good
But not enough that then they fail
Nor see the tree or wood
Give them a start and help them to
Appreciate this Earth
To own their own pathways ahead
Not just by right of birth

And let them harness steadfastness
Inspired to do much more
To take the little that they have
And rise on footholds sure
With knowledge that they can succeed
Be who they want to be
And open up the way ahead;
Take opportunity

To know that by their own attempts
Their focus and their might
They’ll take the little that you give
And with hard work in sight
They’ll master their autonomy
Be true to who they are
And journey whilst holding on fast
So that they will go far

Arabian Knight

The face of greed amidst the mangrove swamp
Beholding the temptress; her charm irrefutable
On saline tide drawing him to her breast
Unrequited; alluring; enticing
Bathing in the riches of Persian pearls
The oils of eastern charm

And yet she is nothing but a transitory illusion
Draining his Bedouin pools of life
With tar bleeding his heart
And gold no longer residing in his soul
As she conceives her triumph, he is lost
Arabian knight without his steed


Emotional Slavery

There’s a new form of slavery
Rife in society
The trading of emotions that
Deprive all liberty

The influence of money
Where some are bought and sold
Friendships, loyalty all priced
Against the cost of gold

Whilst some will buy your silence
Others treat you to ensure
You like them or rely on them
Save shoo them out the door

Where cash is now the thing that speaks
And you; commodity
But consider this for you have worth
And that just comes for free


Bills – those dratted little things
That fall upon the mat
To leave your mood deflated and
Decidedly quite flat
All dressed in DL sizing
With windows for address
The letter that arrives with force
To stifle and depress

But once every so often
A letter might arrive
With a cheque or more spondoolies
A means to then survive
The constant dread and worry
That bills just tend to bring
Accounts, invoices, outgoings
The banker’s bite and sting!


Invoices (Photo credit: cybrgrl)