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The Tantrum

He stamps his feet, throws out his toys
He screams and then he shouts
He remonstrates with great bombast
Pulls faces and he pouts
But mostly when he doesn’t get
His own way easily
He turns it on his audience
Says things ’bout you and me
And gets his henchmen out in force
His gang; his entourage
To do his dirty work instead
Puts bullies then in charge
Whilst drawing breath and licking his
Wounds from his bashed esteem
For though he’s made a loud loud noise
He now has to redeem
Himself to let all others know
It wasn’t his mishap
Despite the fact it clearly was
Oh what a silly chap!

Emotional Barometer

Emotional barometer
Detecting winds of change
Picking up the little nuances
When pressures rearrange
From lower up to higher
From calm to fairly stressed
Emotional barometer
The ultimate mood test?

With measures of intensity
From happy to quite sad
From bored to most excited or
From good to really bad
A small but sure barometer
That gauges through each day
Connections to our feelings and
Our moods along the way

Aneroid barometer

Aneroid barometer (Photo credit: explainthatstuff)