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Moral Obligation

Once upon a time
Not so long a go
A chap called Moral walked these streets
A-keeping in the flow
With Mr Obligation
For neither were apart
Together driven by the same
Not head – but beating heart
But recently it’s rumoured
They’ve split; gone separate ways
Dear Moral disappearing
Has not been seen for days
And Mr Obligation?
He really doesn’t care
Cos no-one’s told him he’s obliged
And as far as he’s aware
Without any direction
He won’t make up his mind
And differentiate the good
From bad nor cruel from kind
For he relies on others
To drive him; give him steed
To get his act together
Less laws that gives him need
To operate; fulfil his dues
For that is all he’s worth
Another’s bidding less his own
In times of moral dearth


What is Integrity?

Is it a buzz word that flies about
Much like a wasp with meaningless intent
Flittering on the brink of twisted fate
Where outcome surpasses means
And excuses rectitude

Or more so a way of life
Subscribing to righteousness
Adhering to ethics
Upholding morality
Navigating goodness

For that is my kind of integrity
Bottled candour defining honesty
Facing the truth head on
With accountability and honour
Amidst a world of corruption


With all the money in the world
Somethings are not for sale
Good manners, morals and respect
Are free – no cash entailed!

Then character and common sense
Sit past the bankers door
Lest trust, patience, integrity
No charge for rich or poor

And then there’s love with no set price
Not to be bought or sold
For all these things you cannot buy
Just learn, uplift, behold!


Virtue (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)


I don’t like the mean and selfish
I think it’s really sad
Particularly when the miser
Behaves in a way that’s bad
And takes from all their sponsors
In such a total way
That they leave a wake of deprivation
And a world that’s smeared in grey

For the colours of the generous
Have good and worth criss-crossed
With pledges to munificence
That do not count the cost
And where hearts so overflow
With honour and with love
For those that buy-in to benevolence
Are like angels from above

They dress the world in purer garments
Subscribing to a moral code
Where respect and honours pathways
Reside as one in their abode
So let the call go to all scrooges
To those who do not like to give
To encourage generosity
As a kinder way to live.