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A Mother’s Love

One thing I have always been committed to is giving my children unconditional love. Loving them with all my heart absolutely without question through the good and bad times. I believe they each know that and I pray that they are uplifted by that because when that love is missing in a child’s life, or when love comes with conditions or is withheld or replaced with ostracism, or it’s benefaction is a consequence of a child fulfilling a parents request rather than being the bedrock of the relationship unconditionally, the fallout leaves an unfortunate legacy for a lifetime. For love is not a neatly packaged commodity that only comes out when everything goes well. True love weathers the storms and perseveres through thick and thin. It doesn’t barter. It doesn’t trick. It seeks truth and holds fast in sunshine and in rain.


Mother (A Haiku)


Mother Nature
Omnipotent across all realms
And likewise
A Mother’s heart
Touching her offspring
Like dew drops resting on the blades of grass
To the oceans mighty waves
Like the buds of Spring
To the fullness of summer’s blooms
Like the smallest humming bird
To the magnificent soaring Eagle
Across an open plain
To the highest mountain peak
Everywhere, enduring
Boundless, beautiful
Infinite, blessed
And full of grace


The Many Hats Of Mum

In life mothers wear many hats;
Like teacher and a nurse
A cook and bottle washer and
Accountant with the purse
A chief negotiator plus
Chauffeur and Mum’s taxi
A best friend and a playmate too
The maid in the laundry
Domestic engineer as well
Entertainer – all for free
Babysitter and a baker
Organiser of diary
Save also child psychologist
Or crafter – you decide
Plus any numbered sorts of roles
In ‘let’s pretend’ aside
So ask a Mum for her CV
And no shadow of doubt
There’s not a job here on the earth
That Mum’s have not tried out!

English: Hats...

English: Hats… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother’s Day Cards

So here we are, a bright new month
But just what will it bring
Ah yes!  On Tuesday pancake day
Then later on comes spring
But on the 30th of March
A special day arrives
A day to celebrate our Mums
Their blessings in our lives
So why not think a little bit
And send your Mum our card
By following this link – go on
It’s really not too hard!

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Mother's Day Cards

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An Angel In Human Form

An angel in human form
Sitting in wait in the world
Breathing life into my being
And nurturing the essence of humanity
Through generous benefaction and giving
Reaching and attaining for the stars
And extending opportunities across the universe to behold.
The essence of selflessness and love
With the grace and beauty of perfection
Wrapped in a simple and delicate blend
With music at the heart of your soul
Where symphonies are played in the orchestra of life
And the apples of discord have no place
Loving and adored Angel
In Maternal form
Where words are simply not enough
To convey my heart’s deepest reflections
And affections for whom you are
One word over everything

Angel sitting sketch

Angel sitting sketch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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