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The Many Hats Of Mum

In life mothers wear many hats;
Like teacher and a nurse
A cook and bottle washer and
Accountant with the purse
A chief negotiator plus
Chauffeur and Mum’s taxi
A best friend and a playmate too
The maid in the laundry
Domestic engineer as well
Entertainer – all for free
Babysitter and a baker
Organiser of diary
Save also child psychologist
Or crafter – you decide
Plus any numbered sorts of roles
In ‘let’s pretend’ aside
So ask a Mum for her CV
And no shadow of doubt
There’s not a job here on the earth
That Mum’s have not tried out!

English: Hats...

English: Hats… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mother’s Day Cards

So here we are, a bright new month
But just what will it bring
Ah yes!  On Tuesday pancake day
Then later on comes spring
But on the 30th of March
A special day arrives
A day to celebrate our Mums
Their blessings in our lives
So why not think a little bit
And send your Mum our card
By following this link – go on
It’s really not too hard!

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Mother's Day Cards

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