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A Mother’s Pride

He played to the world
Not as a mere player on a stage
But as one who could invoke emotion
Inciting the orchestra of the soul
To rise in a crescendo of rupture
Imploring the heart to sing her songs
The anthems of a thousand angels
Voices thronging in the heavens of mind
Where the applause of the timpani
And the sheer beauty of his trombone
Magnified his magnificence
Expounding the splendour; the tone;
The resonance; the sound
That became one between player and her
As she listened to him
Transfixed; adoringly
Full of pride; full of love
For he played to the world
Not as a mere player on a stage
But her son; no longer a boy but a man
The evolving virtuoso
With his gift unwrapped for the world

Dedicated to my son on the occasion of his performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Trombone Concerto with Lincolnshire Youth Wind Orchestra, July 2014

Photo credit:  BenDJ Photography 2014

Photo credit: BenDJ Photography 2014



If Music Is The Food Of Love

If music is the food of love
Then words will also be
The rhythm of an inner soul
That’s beats so wild and free

The metre of a heart’s desire
Expressions vent so true
Transcending destiny and life
As lexicon imbue

The passion of sweet harmonies
That dwell within so pure
And cadence of life’s symphony
Cross staves that dance for sure

The tonic of all emphasis
That swells to thus define
That music as the food of love
Tangos with words entwined

If Music Be The Food Of Love


We have a strong tradition of jazz in our family going back the generations and are fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best loved jazz tunes every day playing through the house on either piano or brass.  This poem has tried to syncopate the beat that is jazz whilst attempting to define this much loved genre of music that gets the toes tapping, the emotions racing and souls uplifted.  Written in a simple 4/4 metre, try reading it by emphasising the second and fourth ‘beats’ or syllables to get in the mood!

The novel beat
Out in the street
Where rhythm flows
Where notes complete
The jazz we love
A sound so neat

A genre born
In southern state
Yet did relate
To African
Music and vibes
Combining blues
From native tribes

And swung notes with
The restless sound
The beat of drums
With blast of brass
Piano bright
That jazz that does
Not sleep at night

The beat that taps
The toe through me
Great razzmatazz
The sound that’s jazz


Jazz with Nic Jones courtesy of Ben DJ Photography

Jazz with Nic Jones courtesy of Ben DJ Photography


The Chamber Choir

Transfixed by the choir
That transverse the ether
In harmonious accord
With pure unblemished resonance
Echoing in the heavens
Proclaiming melodious acclamations
With euphoric edification
In glorious vocal congruence
Uplifting hallowed souls
With awe and wonder
In responses of festive sanctity
Oh Magnum Mysterium

Written whilst listening to the beautiful St Wulfram’s Chamber Choir singing Oh Magnum Mysterium in the glorious church that lies at the heart of Grantham, Lincolnshire.  Currently there is an appeal to save the church spire that has stood watch over Grantham and her people for the last 700 years.  If you would like to help save this national landmark please visit or read to read more visit

Christmas Spirit

Not long now until Christmas comes
And with it all the fun
The warm mince pies and pure magic
And Carols to be sung
The wrapping up of gifts galore
The cooking of the cake
The glasses of mulled wine to drink
And decs to hang or make
The shouting out at pantomimes
The cards to write and send
The fun times with our families
Or with other great good friends

But spare a thought for others who
Won’t feel so Christmassy
For whom Christmas joy is absent
Devoid of company
Those lost or simply all alone
Who need a little call
A visit or a drop in for
Good tidings to befall
To maybe share a Christmas smile
To spend a little time
So that all their Christmases come
At once and so sublime!

So let’s recall Christmas Spirit
With wishes for this day
That raise a glass and make a toast
With happiness to say
We wish you all a festive time
A time of joyfulness
A time where each and every one
Will feel so very blessed
A time where all humanity
Will join with festal cheer
To wish each a Happy Christmas
A jolly good new year



Excitement: Thrill of Thrills

There’s an atmosphere a-building
You can feel it in the crowd
A sense of exhilaration
The rumble getting loud
The eager anticipation
That something’s really good
The tingle factor creeping in
Overwhelming in a flood
The fever and electricity
That’s surging through the veins
The buzz and epic atmosphere
That’s happening over again
The palpable excitement
The sheer delight and ecstasy
In a moment’s awe and wonder
That’s imbued so instantly
The elation and the happiness
The energy that fills
With applause intent and vigorous
Excitement:  thrill of thrills!

Music’s Meaning

The pulse that makes out every beat
The life blood in the veins
Intrinsic to society
Renewing time again

The feel good factor that awakes
Emotions from within
The key that unlocks and evokes
Passions and strong feelings

The power to soothe or simply calm
The way to just relate
The source of inspiration sure
To prod and motivate

The rhythm, reason and the rhyme
The voice that can connect
The challenge to the way we think
For meaning and effect


What is Music

What is Music?

Maestro, listen carefully.

What is music?
An evolving crescendo
Forte and strong or softly grazing,

A Flute whistling gently or drums beating
Guitar strumming or orchestras swelling
A lullaby or sweet lovesong

Strong rhythms rocking all over the world
Bars, beats, notes and chords playing harmoniously
In union or symphonic agenda
Con Brio

Staccato, crotchets, semiquavers and more
Arranged in keys transcending octaves across the staves
In an array of musical notation

Musical phrases from the heart
Etched by the fingers and composed by the soul
With meaning, essence and timeless notion

In time with being
Rendition of a song to be sung
In a tone that is tuneful to the players’ ear

For music is indeed an art combining sound
To produce beauty of form
Harmony and expressions of emotion

So what is Music?
It is the concert band in each of us
Given life when amplified to the world outside.

Maestro, listen carefully!