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Blah Blah Blah

Dedicated, in the nicest possible way, to all those who make our lives hell šŸ˜‰

That noise she makes
So blah blah blah
Incessant some would say
Just going on and on and on
And nagging everyday
Still reading out the same old lines
Preaching to deaf deaf ears
For no ones listening anymore
She’s bored us all to tears!



There’s nothing like a dripping tap
To get right on your nerves
Like nagging that goes on and on
Much more than one deserves
That doesn’t know just when to stop
And give it a good rest
Failing to cease the nag nag nag
Oh what a flipping pest!

So if you are a dripping tap
That moans continually
Or heckles, hounds and carps right on
Then please set yourself free
And take a break from nagging ways
Relax and chill right out
For guaranteed your nagging will
Quite simply achieve n’out!


Nag nag nag would you get off my back

Nag nag nag would you get off my back (Photo credit: Singing With Light)