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Ego’s Achilles Heel

Seeing faces in the clouds
Feeling chills down back and spine
Thinking voices are discussing you
Reading in between each line

Convinced just so subjectively
In egotistic way
That this and that and that and this
Is about you per se

Believing life revolves around you
The axle in a wheel
Yet sadly such ideas are just
Your limp Achilles heel



If you suffer the illusion
That you’re better than the rest
Or in some other way believe
That you’re different and more blessed

Then take a look around you
And see what I can see
For everyone is equal
The thing is to be free

Free from ideas that isolate you
And free from other thoughts
That separate and constrict your views
In ways other than they ought

For it’s really very simple
Each human life has worth
There really is no pyramid
That exists upon this earth

And it’s not really what you do
But much more who you will be
So embrace a heart of fairness
And subscribe to equality.



Your narcissistic personality
Is really of concern
For it is fact, for sure and certain
That the world does not about you turn

It revolves around its axis
It rotates by day and night
And while it’s spinning out in space
You’re not in mind or sight.

For all that’s happened in the past
And all that’s said and done
Is not about your very self
For we have all moved on

So your narcissism is not a blessing
In fact it seems a curse
Because instead of seeing any good
You chose to see the worse.

And instead of seeing wood
You only see the trees
But life is broader, deeper
And your projections won’t appease.

For that narcissistic personality
Might believe you’re special and admired
But sadly, whilst we get it
It’s not us who are so hard-wired.

And daily now we don’t even
Bat an eyelid; give a damn
For your inflated sense of ego
Is simply marked as spam

And so whilst we wish you happiness
And every best wish that can be sent
From this day onwards, please take note
Your narcissistic efforts are now spent.