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Today is National Poetry Day, one of my favourite days in the year, and this year’s theme is LIGHT.  If you’ve written a poem to celebrate this day, please comment below with a link to it and/or find us on twitter ( and tweet me your poem to retweet.  

Be a light in the darkness
A lantern penetrating life
Breaking through despair
With warming rays of compassion
That shatter any abyss
And dispel demons
To nurture growth
And scatter beams of hope
As a planetary lamp
On the world centric stage
A shining luminous spirit
Dancing with global radiance
solution focussed



If there are memories I recall
It’s things that touch me so
From sights I see to things I hear
To smells and tastes that go
Around to nudge my senses
To tickle and delight
My feelings and emotions in
A way that shine out bright
And plant right there forever
To stay the length of time
As memories form part of me
My reason and the rhyme


Just a Drop

Just a drop
Is all they want
In this world that is so blue
A drop of clean pure water
A drop or maybe two

Just a drop
That’s not polluted
From chemicals and industry
Full of nitrates and fake hormones
Degrading water quality

Just a drop
That’s not infected
From waterborne disease
Full of cholera and dysentery
That drives them to their knees

Just a drop
That’s not infested
With decay and human poo
And lack of sanitation
That means a wash is dirty too

Just a drop
Is all they want
In this world that is so blue
Just a drop of clean pure water
So far between and few!