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What Is A Child?

What is a child? It’s hard to say
For concepts and beliefs
Vary so much from here to there
In time span and relief

A “social actor” some may say
With ideas of their own
Or maybe childhood simply is
A construct all alone

A definition of the young
That’s made to represent
The way non-adults operate
And their development

Development that wax and wanes
With patterns that reveal
A change towards more organised
Not just the way they feel

Debated through biology
And the environment
Traced back to the great minds of old
Philosophy’s intent

And so what is a child you ask?
A question that implores
The quest to look at social traits
Genes, culture and much more

What Is A Child











Reference: Woodhead, M. (2005). ‘Children and Development’ in Oates, J. Wood, C. Grayson, A. (eds) Psychological Development and Early Childhood, Milton Keynes: Open University


The Empathetic Tango

Come dance a tango throughout life
Conjoined by unseen string
The glue that like a magnet leads
Emotively to cling.

Affecting each partaker in
A consequential way
To alter function’s structure in
The rhythm and the sway

An empathetic tango danced
Together naturally
‘Tween nature and environment
So influentially

The Empathetic Tango

Photo credit: Jenny Mealing (2 Oct 2005)

It’s Truly More Than DNA

Look out parents don’t delay
It’s truly more than DNA
For children are a blend of two
Their genes for sure and their milieu!

“Their environment?  How come?”  you say.
But it can rewire on the way,
And make a difference; manipulate
Your kids into a different state.

So when you parent and drag them on
Beware for it can go so wrong!
Instead encourage, support and care
With abundant love right in there!

For the environment is absolute
In choosing not to rear a brute
And raising angels all the way
For it’s truly more than DNA!