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Orange Bloom

Oh Mr Bee, come down and see
This gorgeous orange bloom
With nectar cup all opened up
To leave you plenty room
To buzz about and wiggle in
With joy and so much glee
To party in her petalled folds
With much frivolity
And sip from syrup core as though
It’s like the finest wine
So come on, Mr Bee, fly in
For this flower is divine!

Orange Bloom

Butterfly Butterfly

Butterfly butterfly
Land where you will
On petal of flower
And stay oh so still
Till a breeze lifts you up
To fly off and play
In the cup of more nectar
A garden away

Childlike Eyes

The Bee

Give me pollen – give me nectar
I’ll keep right out your way
But flap your arms and run about
And then I’ll have my say

And sting you oh so quickly
To say “just get a grip”
Cos acting up scares me so much
And then I have to nip

But please don’t take any offence
And kill me if I do
Cos in all truth I’m here to serve
And make honey for you!

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris)

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)