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Wishes For The Week

Here’s to a week of opportunity
Of challenges; of more
Where the sun shines in your heart and head
And bursts through open doors
Where stars twinkle through darkness
With beams of hope and light
To make this week the best with joy
So everything goes right!



A New Week

Alive! Awake and ready
To bounce into the week
Rejuvenated and refreshed (more…)

Hello To A New Week

Hello to a new week
What do you have in store?
What fun and games are up your sleeve?
What tricks perhaps and more?

For let’s hope that you’ll bring happiness
Let’s hope that you’ll bring grace
But most of all let’s hope you’ll bring
Friday at a quick pace!

Fdny calendar

Fdny calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sonnet To The New Week

The week restarts as morning brightly shines
Awakening with sun on eastern shore
As weekend bids farewell and then resigns
And new beginnings offer hope and more
The zest and zeal of fresh horizons here
The warmth and kiss of yet another week
With strength to seek and look ahead out there
And inspiration’s guide be all to seek
For turn away from grumblings of the day
The moans and whines that dare to hold you back
The tears that yesterday has gone away
The thought that Monday comes with hard attack
       And rise with glee to greet this fresh new week
       To make it most amazing so to speak

Monday: little blue, much purple.

Monday: little blue, much purple. (Photo credit: harold.lloyd)

Monday Morning Blues

Common my friend – what’s up old chap
It won’t be all that bad
Just put your best foot forward
And don’t be oh so sad

It’s just a new week starting
As the old one goes to bed
And though I feel your pain, old boy
Put that anguish from your head

Pop your hat on; start all over
Get up – greet this brand new day
Kick those blues that you are feeling
And hurry on your way

For those Monday Morning Blues ain’t great
They’re resigned to hold us back
To stop us going forward
To keep us in our track

They overwhelm, perplex us
They make us want to snooze
But resist the urge to dally
Shift those Monday Morning Blues