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A New Year – A New You

Embrace kindness

Deepen understanding

Strengthen compassion

Radiate hopefulness

Partner grace

Impart gratitude

Seek peace

Hold onto love




Source: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

A time to reflect and consider
To remember, laugh and cry
To look back with kind regard and thought
On the year that’s just gone by.

The good times and the triumphs
The times we’d best forget
The happiness we shared and cherished
As well as sadness and regrets.

A time to forgive and be forgiven
A time to embrace the new
To put down the angst and turn to hope
With aspirations to imbue

A time to turn a corner
To draw a line down in the sand
To finally see and face our dreams
And take them by the hand

A time to look ahead again
A chance to take up the cup
Of opportunity and promise
As a New Year opens up.

Christmas Limbo

We’re in the Chrimbo limbo
And don’t know what to do
Three days between festivities
That leave us in a stew
For nothing is quite normal
Yet neither is it odd
Just some how out of sorts m’thinks
Before we give a nod
To the new year approaching
And then if all goes well
Nothing will be the same again
As on old Lang Syne’s bell
We’ll herald in a new year
And with it a new me
With promises we’ll never keep
At least past January
By which time we’ll be saying
“How fast the time now goes”
Wishing away the wetter months
Perhaps slipping in snow
And yearning for the summer
The hotter days of fun
Until we limber up again
In the Christmas home run
So for now in Christmas limbo
Not knowing what to do
Perhaps just chill, enjoy the ride
And raise a glass or two!

Happy New Year!

The Bosky Wood

It won’t be long til you can go
Down in the bosky wood
To see a new year sprout again
With leaves in bud; hear birds’ refrain
Imbue the spring air good

Where lambs will jump up through the air
And Daffs blow on the breeze
Where life will rise up from the ground
To herald in the season sound
From hibernation’s freeze

And there above the canopy
The sun will start to climb
Up in the sky with greater strength
With warmth kept no more at arm’s length
By hailing in springtime

The Bosky Wood


Auld Lang Syne

And so last night Auld Lang Syne sung
Around the world again
To gather all as one once more
Before the New Year’s reign

It spoke of times so long ago
Rekindling years gone by
With handshake and a wee draft of
A drink of goodwill’s sigh

It joins, unites and congregates
The masses of the throng
To sing in tune and harmony
“Old long ago” now gone

And with its tune it links anew
Great friends and family
For Auld Lang Syne our hearts implore
Good times for you and me

Auld Lang Syne

Seasons Greetings

To each of you, I’d like to wish
Upon a Christmas Star
And bid you season’s greetings bright
From near or oh so far
I’d like to wish you peace and hope
And blessings with good cheer
With joy throughout this Christmastide
And health in the New Year

Seasons greetings and best wishes for the festive holiday season

It’s Christmas!

It’s Christmas!  “Yay” I hear you cry
Glad tidings and good cheer
The time for fun and silly games
To celebrate this year
The time to decorate the house
To eat and drink too much
The time to give out presents
To relax with spouse and clutch
The time to see the family
To visit Aunty Sue
And time to wear those silly hats
That come in crackers too
The time to go to church again
To celebrate a birth
Of the Messiah in the barn
With angels over earth

It’s Christmas! “Yay” I hear you cry
Glad tidings and good cheer
But after it, when all is done
You’ll countdown to New Year
For be it too much turkey or
A drop of too much gin
Or relatives that drive you mad
You’ll be bored of staying in
You’ll want your life to then return
To what it was before
For normality to get a grip
For life to start once more
So cherish now the build up to
The Christmas Holiday
And enjoy the thought that it’ll be
Perfect in every way!

The Christmas Cake

Take a 100 grams of flour
And add a little more
Take some sugar from the cupboard
Add fruit and eggs all raw
Then stir it up together
With spoons of happiness
And add the last ingredients
For a cake that’s truly blessed

The special last ingredients
A dashing of pure love
With cups of hope and kindness bright
Lest wishes from above
Add joy and family spirit
Compassion and sweet care
And mix and blend it all as one
For the best of Christmas fayre

Then put it in the oven warm
To bake for a long time
To cook where sweet aromas waft
For something quite sublime
Then top with frosted icing
And decorate with cheer
To wish each a Merry Christmas
And a blessed Happy New Year

The Christmas Cake