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Is it too early to go
To bed before sundown
Without saluting lunar moon
Who might then wear a frown
If ignored and not welcomed in
As eye lids start to drop
Is it too early? Is it? Is it?
Or can I go and flop?


I am nocturnal; that’s for sure
All bright and bushy tailed
When all the world is sound asleep
And quietness then prevails

To work right through the smallest hours
To wait until sunrise
Is how I operate the best
For sure, that’s no surprise

For darkness concentrates the mind
Distractions all away
A time to think and contemplate
As night hours act as day




It’s drawing into evening
Time to bid farewell to day
To welcome now the twilight in
A special kind of way

To stir and wait for nighttime
To wish upon a star
But first to see the sunset
Spectral sky ahead so far

To dip into the water
Of dusk so silently
To renew and rediscover
The moonlight’s pure beauty