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Shadow Of The Night

A lone shadow dances in the light of the moon
Apparition of darkness sways forth and in tune
As a mask in the umbra in obscurity
Infiltrates deepest dreams and haunts you consciously
With suggestion of heinous intent and much more
On the minds of its victim who is rattled for sure

Yet when sun rises slowly and burns into day
The figure; illusion drifts out of the way
Concealed by the light of the morrow for now
Camouflaged for the present yet still there to devour
It’s prey; your worst nightmare; your fears and your frights
As the shadow returns to dance through every night





And from the dreams that haunt her night
An image comes right into sight
Alone in valley of the dark
As dread implants and fear embarks
So still in isolated place
Where apparitions crowd for space
Where rocks have risen from the ground
In heights of granite steadfast bound
And wolves howl loud on frosted air
Her blood chills cold in pure despair

And there she stands by cottage door
Heart beating fast; foothold not sure
With beads of sweat upon her brow
Hands trembling from the here and now
And voice diminished; lost and gone
Encased in blackness whereupon
With groaning might the rusted hinge
Of door unleashes to impinge
Her mind still further into dream
Yet frozen still; hear distant scream

The cottage stark; set back in rock
A far off wail. A bang! Knock! Knock!
The oaken door creaks open wide
‘Gainst better judgement steps inside
Ahead a staircase draped in thread
Of spider’s yarn yet overhead
The cries of victim’s days long gone
Whimper in spell of their swan song
Through silence as fear grips her soul
Eyes searching for the ghost and ghoul

Beseeching him to show his face
Yet cowering as heart picks up pace
And spectre lurches to take hold
Lest dare she move; dare then behold
The hooded figure hiding there
In shadows waiting to ensnare
His bride; his prize; his trophy won
Where he’s triumphant; she is done
All cloaked in hues of black and grey
She is his meal! She is his prey!

She is his meal! She is his prey!
The stark reality of day
Light streams in room to wake her from
The dream that’s pound her mind like drum
She yawns and stretches; frees her mind
To rise and put nightmare behind
But as she does the light goes out
Her shackles chink; she cannot shout
As gag that binds her suffocates
And living nightmare seals her fate