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Dream a little dream
Have a goal or even two
Consider aims along the way
Hold aspirations true

But always keep your feet firm
In the present to enjoy
The now as it unfolds each day
No distraction or decoy

For its now, this very minute
Where certainty is sure
The freshest memory in your mind
That will pave the way to more

So plan, yes do, whole-heartedly
And look ahead with glee
And don’t forget to love your ‘now’
For it too is your “me”



So it seems ‘now‘ is but just a hoax
An illusion from the past
A perception always out of date
That simply can’t be classed
As present in the moment
For here’s the very twist
That now is then and then’s not now
So now doesn’t exist!

Life (A Haiku)

The sum of the past
Reality of today
And dreams still to come


Life (Photo credit: Harry Thomas Photography)