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Blue Mind

Blue mind
Immersed in the moment
As waves crash onto the shore
Or roll in the deep
Navigating destiny
And anchoring the past with the present
In maritime bliss


Life’s Rollercoaster

Life is but a roller coaster
On the waves of experience
Rolling in on the crests
Being submerged in the troughs
Where the highs and the lows
Ebb and flow rhythmically
Yet where tidal propagation
Hangs on our topographic maps
Shaping the here and now
The then and there
All in the name of autonomy

Life's Rollercoaster


Looking at the ocean and seeing waves
Water from heaven
Droplets from the earth
Merged in the blue to beyond
Life and death in a cycle
Turning with the moon
In tides that never end


Star Fish

Stranded on the sea shore
Longing to be free
For ocean to wash on the beach
To gain my liberty

With sand so wet beneath my arms
A waggling my toes
I am a star fish waiting for
The tide to ebb and flow


Scenic Serenity

The sun shines over southern bays
And diamonds glint in light of rays
While gentle crests of waves roll in
And dolphins breach them porpoising
Whilst gulls on wing soar overhead
Or crab scuttles across sea bed
A panorama magically
Inspires scenic serenity


English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Behold the sea, the ocean blue
Of maritime green and turquoise hue
Marine expanse and mighty waves
Where boats have sailed and sailors graves
Where breakers crash against the cliff
Lest dare those go in fishing skiff
Home of the porpoise and great whale
Of dolphin and white shark’s wet trail
Where seagulls plane and puffin soar
And oyster-catcher goes before
Or near the beach where shallows still
Lap over seaweed beds and squill
Where mussels cling to bare laid rocks
Awaiting ocean’s tidal stocks
Behold the sea, the ocean blue
Aquatic realm; forever new


Oceanic Magic

Today I swam amongst the fish
In a cobalt blue lagoon
I rode the back of dolphins
In the light of a sapphire moon
I swam besides the sharks
In the ocean feeling brave
I galloped with the seahorses
In the wash and crests of waves
I sat among the mermaids
On the rocks lapped by the sea
In a maritime adventure
That washed right over me

And then the stars lit up the heavens
The planets shone from far away
As the sun fell from the horizon
Sealing off that special day
And as the spectral radiant sunset
Dissolved into the night sky
I caught the flicker and pulsating lights
Of jellyfish and coral passing by
With a mystic bioluminescence
That signalled from the deep
Revealing oceanic magic
In a world that never sleeps.

Global Adventures

Sitting in the airport queue
With dreams to go beyond the blue
And visions of adventure new
With flights of fantasy to run through

On camel’s backs o’er desert sand
Where flying carpets come to hand
And watering holes fail to withstand
Droughts ravaging dry the sun scorched land

Or beneath the forest canopy
Deep in the jungle, in the tree
Amidst the monkey colony
A glimpse revealed; a sight to see

And awash upon the ocean wave
Upon the crests in splendour brave
Or amongst the coral reef enclave
A marine voyage to swim and pave

Then on the prairie’s savannah shore
Where grasses stretch for miles before
O’er head on Eagle’s wings to soar
Below roam bison and wild boar

Up high upon the mountain range
With misting air and senses strange
Where icy snow capped peaks arrange
And earth and heaven interchange

Or where glacial climes beset the pole
And iced landscapes outward roll
Where penguins huddled in groups console
Or polar bears across the ice do stroll!

Sitting in the airport queue
With dreams to go beyond the blue
And visions of adventure new
With flights of fantasy so true!


Nature’s Perfection

I see the rose
Neatly folded swathes of petals
Cocooning a central core
Wrapping delicately
To release a visual splendour

I see the new born baby
Always a miracle
In innocence and sweetness
Soft and gentle
Beauty in its purest form

I see the starlit sky
A million wishes to be made
Sparkling vestibules of light
Skating across the galaxy
Against the azure haze

I see the spec of sand
Amidst the beach
White grains of freedom
As nature’s gate
To the ocean’s wide

I see all these
Visions of excellence
Images of brilliance in awe and wonder
Complete and unflawed
Revealing nature’s perfection