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Ode to Henry (RIP)

There’s something so sad about Henry
For today he just suddenly died
No more traipsing round at my heels
Nor staying so close to my side

For all of the junk he had gobbled
The stuff that he’d swallowed with glee
Caught up with him , poor poor old fellow
As these things do eventually

And they said he’d got quite a big blockage
A mass, that was huge in his tum
With a temperature verging on boiling
That had left him decidedly glum

And his circuit, for want of a word, had
Failed badly; gone into arrest
Short fused from his toils and his troubles
So now in peace we just pray he will rest

But as an ode to our dear, dear old Henry
And the elephant that’s still in the room
We’ll bid him farewell and then mourn him
As the best of the bestest vacuums!

Ode from an Old Man

I look up at you
And you look down at me
How the tide has turned about
In life’s subtle irony
For I remember fondly
Days gone by when you were small
When you played in the back garden
Kicking round a ball
So now you’re getting bigger
And I am getting old
Enjoy your life as it starts out
For much of mine has now been told
And know that though I may be ageing
Along with whitened air
This twinkle in my eye, my lad
Says I will always care.