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Homeless Old Man

Homeless old man
Neglected by humanity
Lost in the wilderness of his mind
Wandering the streets aimlessly
Pleading for a crust of bread
Desperate, despairing,
Exhausted, tired, hungry
Once a soldier
Now abandoned to soldier on
Craving for waves of kindness and compassion to wash over him
Yet left in a pool where there is little peace

IMG_6007.PNG English: Homeless on bench, Author Tomas Castelazo from Wikimedia Commons


Ode from an Old Man

I look up at you
And you look down at me
How the tide has turned about
In life’s subtle irony
For I remember fondly
Days gone by when you were small
When you played in the back garden
Kicking round a ball
So now you’re getting bigger
And I am getting old
Enjoy your life as it starts out
For much of mine has now been told
And know that though I may be ageing
Along with whitened air
This twinkle in my eye, my lad
Says I will always care.