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Keep your thoughts pure and clear
Keep your hearts open and kind
Keep your purpose focussed and bright
Keep your life on track;defined

And be the best you can be
Be a beacon for the rest
Be accountable; be virtuous
And above all be honest

For chances come and chances go
In this world where we exist
But stay on the straight and narrow
And temptation you’ll resist

To let your light shine brightly
To let you be on the qui vive
To let you make the most of everything
To live fully and achieve




Every word that we speak
Every thought we hold back
Every action we do
Sets indelible tracks
And marks that are etched
On the minds and the hearts
Of those we hold dear
Plus those set apart
So that at the end
When we breathe our last breath
We’ll be sure that our legacy
Will survive past our death
So we’ll know that our life
Has been lived; no regret
With no shame nor missed chance
As none should forget
That an olive branch offered
May be the last that we see
If we don’t accept it with honour
And integrity
And that opportunity wasted
Is washed away in our tears
So make the most of your life
And enjoy every year

Wishes For The Week

Here’s to a week of opportunity
Of challenges; of more
Where the sun shines in your heart and head
And bursts through open doors
Where stars twinkle through darkness
With beams of hope and light
To make this week the best with joy
So everything goes right!


Drops Of Inspiration

Drops of inspiration
And the oyster opens wide
For a world of opportunity
And much more else besides
A land of hope and glory
A place for future dreams
Pearlescent jewel in reach to hold
That shines auspicious gleam

pearl oyster

pearl oyster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carpe Diem

You’ll always know the start point and
Remember how it ends
But seemingly the middle can
Get lost as it transcends

So make the most of everything
Just chunk down every day
In smaller portions to digest
Enjoy along the way

For then you will have more starts and
More ends; less middles too
To clutch all opportunity
That’s waiting there for you.

Less exhausting all your options
By flogging them to death
But don’t forget to stop a while
And take a well-earned breath

Then seize the day and make it yours
To shine like brightest gem
To live the life that you deserve
With wisdom – carpe diem!

Carpe diem

Carpe diem (Photo credit: ChadCooperPhotos)

Windows of Opportunity

Standing in a worn out house
With windows everywhere
Some with dust and some with dirt
And some without a care
Whilst others hang and tease and taunt
With curtains shut so tight
Where yesteryears and past regrets
Are hid right out of sight

Then other windows overhead
Are leaded full of weight
And seem to bear down heavily
With pressure, stress and hate
But the odd one stands out gleaming
With sunlight shining in
Whilst others more swing open wide
With a breeze so beckoning

They beckon with good promise
With hope and more aside
Revealing opportunities
When their frames are open wide
Where openings and prospects
Can be grabbed specifically
To thrive upon such chances through
The windows of opportunity