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Bias of Optimism

There’s that feeling
That sinks in the stomach
Rattles through neural grey matter
And tremors hands and souls
Darkening the bright side
Severing dreams and castrating faith

Yet somewhere a small candle flickers
As a light that clings onto life
Grasping at the threshold of consciousness
Even in the fiercest storms
Called the bias of optimism
That however small holds onto hope



If you have eeyeore’itis
And feel a little blue
Then pal up with an optimist
With half filled glass in view
Cos then when they insist that you
Just smile and be happy
You can take that glass of water
And tip it over them with glee!







Please don’t take this too seriously (!) written as an optimist who’s glass is always half full but aware that others equally see the value in having a glass half empty for one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and visa versa. It is, however, true that the answer to cheering someone up isn’t always in a simple prescription of ‘be happy’ but more so understanding, compassion and care.


Balderdash and bother
Expletives all the way
Some people drive you round this twist
Wreak havoc every day

But some are really genuine
And always wear a smile
Bringing the sunshine in life’s storm
Going the extra mile

So stretch and yawn; whatever
And seek these souls right out
For they’re the ones to hang out with
For certain; without doubt!

And try and be more like them
To look for good and see
The rainbow through the tempest gloom
With drops more joyfully!



A warming ray of sunshine
Imbuing each and every day
With reasons pure and simple
To carry on and not to stray
With purpose and with focus
With dedication and with might
To know that hope eternal
Will hold your hand through any plight

The willpower and the waypower
That turns its back on all despair
Increasing expectation
That goal obtainment is just there
Or at least around the corner
Hope is the catalyst
That takes away fear’s blinders
For bigger pictures through the mist