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Inbox Insights

Each day in life our inbox fills
With mails from far and near
With letters, bills and sometimes junk
Though some are held quite dear

And these just make the difference
They jump right from the screen
The text that comes in happy bites
To make the grass seem green

And the sun shines that bit brighter
Grey clouds then blow away
As spirits lift from written words
To wish a happy day

For their senders care and cherish
That their mailings are perceived
As a dish that sends much joy besides
With hope and love received

So each day in life our outbox
Needs to echo far and near
The letters that we’d like to get
The ones we would hold dear!

English: George VI Postbox, Scorriton Letters ...

English: George VI Postbox, Scorriton Letters only for this box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)