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I am nocturnal; that’s for sure
All bright and bushy tailed
When all the world is sound asleep
And quietness then prevails

To work right through the smallest hours
To wait until sunrise
Is how I operate the best
For sure, that’s no surprise

For darkness concentrates the mind
Distractions all away
A time to think and contemplate
As night hours act as day



Milliband’s Owls For All

The promise is an owl, they said
A bird of prey that could
Save each and every one for sure
And get them out the wood

Yet give each wisdom, give them flight
With wings to be so free
Nocturnal sight through darker times
And there you might just see

A bird that would surpass the hoot
That flapped all red and blue
An owl for everyone, they said
Rhetoric or tweettwoo?

Eastern Screech Owl

Eastern Screech Owl (Photo credit: Vicki’s Nature)