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Have you ever stopped an wondered if
Your enemy became your friend
How much your worlds could then be healed
How much you’d make amends
For all the times of hatred
And all the times of pain
A joining of two forces
Where each could then refrain
From a world intent on bitterness
Anger, reprisal, doubt
And where compassion and kindness
Would prise the goodness out!


The Battle With Pain

English: Rose Prickles

English: Rose Prickles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You will not win
Not because you will lose
But because there can be no victory in suffering!








The Last Lament

I cried a million tears
More than stars up in the sky
An ocean of my salty drops
To weep until I die

For such deep lamentations
Have left me lost in grief
And nothing will abate the pain
Or bring any relief

For endless sobs now cascade from
My eyes and drown my heart
Obscuring any happiness
My world now falls apart

And so I yearn to leave this world
The loss I cannot bear
For with you gone – my love; my life
There is nothing out there

No reason to live longer
No air to take in breath
So with the last true act of love
I cry myself to death


So ….

So much need
So many hurting
So few responding
So little action
So so sad

Second Chance

When marriage goes a little wrong
A cup might take a crash
But when it fails and falls to bits
The heart takes the backlash

And like the cup that smashes up
It bleeds and is shattered
But not in ways as physical
Yet still destroyed; battered

For at the seat of who we are
The core of every one
Emotionally we’re vulnerable
To things that have been done

Translated by the head a top
Steered by neurology
The heart then takes the knocks; the strains
And weeps eternally

Lest that it is what it does unless
A plaster is affixed
When happiness helps heal the wounds
With kindness in the mix

And then the heart will jump for joy
Be blessed and smile anew
The past no longer there to hurt
Saved by love’s great sinew

To live a life of wholesomeness
That gives without a glance
The beat of grace; the stroke of hope
Best known as second chance

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s No Flies On Me

I know, I hear, I copy that
All that you think and do
A life transparent, readable
One that I can see through
No secrets can you ever hide
For underneath your skin
I look, I search, I scrutinize
For you lose and I win!

And when you want to understand
Just what you’ve not well hid
Remember this for your deceit
Is what lifts off the lid
For sure your sin will find you out
Reveal just who you be
The lies, the wrongs, the nastiness
No! There’s no flies on me!