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Sonnet To A Heart Beat (Know Your Pulse)

A heart beat pumping though life every day
A rhythm finely honed to tick on by
A pulse that taps and never goes away
A cadence of existence to imply
A measure that keeps tempo and keeps time
A timpani in life that we all know
A stroke that paces like a structured rhyme
An undulating meter fit to go
Yet palpitate or syncopate the beat
Or feel it quiver anachronically
When pulse jiggers and jumps out of repeat
Go get a check-up with your own GP
For know your pulse and maybe stave off strife
Rhythmically aware to save your life

This week is Heart Rhythm Week which celebrates Ten Years of Innovation and Advancements in Arrhythmia Patient Care. Your support will make a difference in helping to protect the many millions of arrhythmia patients worldwide.  Together we can:

  • Work to save 100,000 lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
  • Improve outcomes for 1 million AF patients
  • Increase early detection and management for 2 million arrhythmia sufferers

Please click here to find out more.  

Know Your Pulse