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Locked away in a delusion
In a world that only she
Perceives to be her normal
Yet is not reality

Held hostage by her mind
Constrained by what she feels
Convinced by her conviction
Her beliefs are very real

Suspicious of all others
Fearing what they might do
Concerned by what they’re thinking
Certain for sure, they’re true

A hell bound persecution
With no reprieve; a downward slide
Day in day out a prisoner to
Her thoughts; no place to hide.

Yet have a little sympathy
Step out of judgements way
For she deserves your love and help
To bring in gracious rays

Rays of deep understanding
Compassion and a heart
To see; to help; to be a friend
Will you now do your part?


If you know someone or are yourself suffering from delusions or paranoia please visit


Have you heard the rumour
She knows you think it’s true
She’s saying things behind your back
And talking about you

She’s gathering information
She’s tracking every move
She wants to see you pack your bags
Yourself she might remove

She’s making up big stories
She’s telling lots of lies
She’s getting folk to side with them
Recruiting many spies

Least that is what you’re thinking
Those thoughts within your head
Those nagging doubts that grow so big
Coercing what you dread

And so you buy into this set
Delusion in your mind
Suspicion growing really fast
Fear turning thoughts so blind

Yet with very little substance
This way you can’t avoid
Your feelings are now firm beliefs
And now you’re paranoid

'Paranoia', oil on canvas painting by Neo Rauc...

‘Paranoia’, oil on canvas painting by Neo Rauch, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He saw the writing on the wall
The writing stained in blame
The writing that was meant for him
The writing in the frame
He saw it and believed it spelt
Out words that were for him
Incitement by a poisoned pen
His rational worn slim

He heard the whisper silently
The whisper that accused
The whisper that was meant for him
The whisper so confused
He heard it and believed it said
Such things all meant for him
Provoked by chat behind his back
His sanity now dim

He pondered on his thoughts and thus
Believed conspiracy
And musings that would get him think
That everything meant “me”
His mind; the seat of torment that
Still persecuted him
With false beliefs that drove him to
The edge just off the brim

His truth just so subjective with
No reason and no rhyme
Yet to him, no other version could
Unravel thoughts through time
Subscribing to suspicions and
Distrust and fear deployed
Enchained by mind’s delusions and
Enslaved so paranoid