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From hence forth let it be decreed
Sleepovers don’t exist!
A term that implies a few z’s
Is more a slumber myth.

For anyone with teens will know
That when they meet to sleep-
Over is more so an excuse
To party long and deep

Deep to the early hours and more
Til sun rise the next day
When they’ll return to their own homes
Where then they’ll hit the hay

And so the word’s redundant
Therefore may I suggest
That sleepovers drop the word sleep
As there’s no sleep or rest!





There is a time to celebrate
To stop and have some fun
To let your hair down; have a laugh
To enjoy job well done
To uplift spirits; don a smile
Add in some perfect cheer
A time to celebrate with those
Whose hearts you hold so dear
And in that time to just relax
To chill and have a ball
With celebrations cup all full
Festivities roll call


They’re Going On A Manhunt

They’re going on a manhunt
A game that must be played
With armour of short skirts and heels
And flesh all on display

They’ve armed their lips with war paint
In colour – ruby red
And dared to flounce their locks and curls
With care upon their head

They’ve pinched and tucked and plucked and waxed
And sharpened talons so
With gel nails that just match their lips
And now are set to go

To set out on their battle field
To claim the winner’s prize
To clubs and bars with drinks in hand
To catch the hottest guys

And when the conquest’s over
They’ll turn in for the night
Dishevelled, feet all blistered up
And looking quite a sight!!

I am all dressed up and ready to party

I am all dressed up and ready to party (Photo credit: 2-Dog-Farm)

The Birthday Party

Can you hear that distant bubble
Of laugher ringing out
The chatter in the background
The fun that’s all about

Can you see the happy faces
The smiles so full of glee
The group that is a gathering
As collected family

Can you feel the joy and wholeness
The love that fills the air
The celebration’s all around
The feeling of great care

Can you smell the wine a-flowing
Scents of the birthday time
Can you sense the pure rejoicing
A party in its prime

An arch of colourful party balloons.

An arch of colourful party balloons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)