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Still Love

You might lasso the sun and bring it to me
Or pluck out bright stars from far off galaxies
Or capture the dew drops; dawn chorus; the dream
You might sail the deep ocean and swim the Gulf Stream

You might harness the wind and repel the rain
You might hold back the storms and then do it again
You might trek across deserts and fly into space
With arms opened widely; with welcome embrace

But when the sunsets at the end of each day
And you’ve tethered the moonlight from over the bay
Will you whisper your love ’til I drift to sleep
For love in the stillness is love that is deep

Music’s Meaning

The pulse that makes out every beat
The life blood in the veins
Intrinsic to society
Renewing time again

The feel good factor that awakes
Emotions from within
The key that unlocks and evokes
Passions and strong feelings

The power to soothe or simply calm
The way to just relate
The source of inspiration sure
To prod and motivate

The rhythm, reason and the rhyme
The voice that can connect
The challenge to the way we think
For meaning and effect