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Fruits of Sanctity

When dark clouds gather, ghouls and ghosts
Liars and haters claw
Remember this, look to the light
To keep each heart so pure

For there let peace reside within
Resting each weary mind
Holding onto kindness and truth
With gratitude unwind

And seek a path of hope forward
Be intent on love’s own way
Forbearing, goodness, patience, faith
And joy day on each day

Then tether to benignity
Where fruits of sanctity
Will liberate from oppression
As grace thus sets each free



Impetuous is my middle name
An impromptu affair
That loves the spur of the moment
Loving life with no care
Looking for fun and a challenge
With adventures to explore
Laughing when dancing in the rain
For the now is so much more

But will the now catch up with me
Will it cease to be a craze
Will it offer less as time goes by
Will it cease to then amaze
For now is great and that’s just fine
But maybe then is best
For isn’t looking forward great
And all part of life’s zest?

So impulsive may suit me fine
And living in the now
But maybe there is so much more
If only I allow
A little time to think and plan
To wait expectantly
For delayed gratification
To kick in instantly


Rain Moods (Haiku)

Why is it the rain
Washes away tolerance?
Does it shrink the heart?


Patience Is A Virtue

If patience is a virtue
Then impatience is a vice
Like eating fruit that isn’t ripe
And really isn’t nice

So if you make assumptions
Because you cannot wait
Then what a fool you will appear
And that will be your fate!

The Best Things Are Worth Waiting For

I don’t like waiting in traffic
I don’t like to stand in a line
And queues drive me crazy inpatient
With that feeling of being confined

I don’t like hanging around for the postman
Nor holding on making a call
And the time it takes to watch paint drying
Is by far the worst feeling of all

Then the thing that drives me to distraction
I’ll admit is slow drivers or worse
The ones that dilly and dally unsafely
Yet then gesticulate and even curse!

And people who don’t have self-awareness
Who mock others and hurt them so bad
I can’t wait for their ways to catch up with them
For that day will remove what is sad

Yet despite all my utter impatience
There are some things I’ll hold on so true
Like Aunt Mabel who’s doddery and slower
And Little Jonny who’s only just two

The arrival of winter past summer
The bud to burst into full bloom
The end past the fruits of my labour
Then the sunlight that brightens the gloom

The chick to hatch out of the eggshell
The results of all hard work and more
And life in its fullness; each blessing
For the best things are worth waiting for

The Best Things Are Worth Waiting For

The Waiting Game

Life is a waiting game
That waits for time to pass
For years to roll on; weeks to go
Days to fall through hour glass

For seed to turn to flower
For this to become that
For miracles to take their time
To come out of the hat

Where waiting is worthwhile
Where time allows the space
For hope and faith and patience to
Be born; to grow with grace

But in this instant world
Or quickness and great speed
The gift of time is lost as we
Think “now” is what we need

The fast replacing slow
The week done in a day
Where seconds have a price tag
And time cannot delay

Yet still each life must stand in line
For each to realise
That somethings come to those who wait
For then they get the prize

The Passage of Time

The Passage of Time (Photo credit: ToniVC)



With all the money in the world
Somethings are not for sale
Good manners, morals and respect
Are free – no cash entailed!

Then character and common sense
Sit past the bankers door
Lest trust, patience, integrity
No charge for rich or poor

And then there’s love with no set price
Not to be bought or sold
For all these things you cannot buy
Just learn, uplift, behold!


Virtue (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)



Think!  Patience is a virtue
Open wider your mind’s eye
Live and walk in other’s shoes
Enrich – diversify
Respect the ways of others
And be there to give support
Take care of all upon this Earth
Enjoy!  No second thought.

Successful integration / Gelungene Integration

Successful integration / Gelungene Integration (Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)