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Embracing Democracy

Tomorrow whether in or out
There really is little doubt
That we will still awake anew
To each new day to thus imbue
The goodness that this world can give
Continue breathing and will live

We’ll hope and laugh and love the same
We’ll still have dreams and still play games
The sun will set, the sun will rise
The rain will still fall from the skies
And seasons will turn through the year
With nature’s bounty’s ever near

And Earth will spin on her axis
Our home for all prosperity
Where nothing will have really changed
Less we allow in our exchange
A rule of hatred, venoms claw
Yet that would be foolish for sure

And so tomorrow, in or out
There really should be little doubt
That the only thing for true regret
Will be the will to not forget
And forgive those who don’t agree
Less embracing democracy


People Watching

They walk along the pavement
Some short, some tall
Some thin, some fat
Some inbetween
Old, young, middle aged
Boys, girls, women, men
Blond, brunette, ginger, grey
Quickly, slowly,
Energised, weary
Rushing, dawdling
Stopping, starting
Chatting, in silence
Together, separately
And yet ….
Not one smiles
Why is that?


Some people in life bring the fog
The fog that is cold and is grey
That hangs in a mist on your heart
Destroying the light in each day
In brume of bewildering mess
Miasma of misted disarray
The mask on the sun that might shine
And stifle contentment away

But others are sunbeams of glory
That blow all the clouds from the sky
With lightness that is most refreshing
And kindness that helps others fly
Who bring out the best in each person
With wholeness that’s shines from their soul
These sunbeams of life in their fullness
Caressing the world as a whole

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Es...

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Español: Girasoles amarillos Français : Un champ de tournesols à Fargo, dans le Dakota du Nord (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The World Wide Web

There’s the observers, the partakers
The stalkers and much more
All operating on the line
Of cyberspace for sure

The contributors, the posters
The ones who sit and read
All wrapped in social networking
A new sort that we breed

The bloggers and the web masters
The programmers; the rest
All living in the modern world
That shares a common nest

The nest or is that really web
World wide community
The question then remains to know
Which sort are you and me?

English: www,domain,internet,web,net

English: www,domain,internet,web,net (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People Watching

When I was young, my mother said
“Don’t stare at folk – it’s rude”
“Don’t gawp and glare or even gaze”
Just sit and eat your food

But nowadays in the restaurants
And cafes or elsewhere
It seems that observation is
Acceptable and fair

To sit and see how other folk
Behave and what they do
Yes people watching is okay
No-more a big taboo

To perceive and to then survey
To reflect on a life
To watch with interest and take in
Is now considered rife

For in a café or on-line
We look and recognize
The people who surround us all
We’re ‘people watching’ spies!

People Watching

Celebrity? Famous?

Celebrity? Famous?
Nah give me normality
The space to really be myself
Where no-one peeks to see
The everyday – the mundane things
That I do in my life
Like shopping for a pint of milk
Without the stress and strife
Of dressing up – make up done
For scrutinizing eyes
That then capture your every move
To photo; analyse!

Celebrity? Famous?
Nah give me normality
For life just isn’t all about
The fast lane; bright lights to see
But more so bout the this and that
The people that I meet
Without the stress of others glare
That then make their critique
The quest to live and to enjoy
But at a pace that’s right
So keep me in the shadows and
For me I’ll then shine bright!



Liberty – human privilege
Protection of all men
Of women, children; sacrosanct
Freedom to hold the reign
Of life, the way you chose to go
The path that you might tread
Without suppression in the way
Stopping oppression dead
To have and hold autonomy
With independence true
Not confined or restricted by
Red tape and others too
To stand for all equality
Discrimination fall
To advocate a fairer way
That safeguards one and all
To be self-regulating and
To honour human rights
For choice, justice and liberty
The heart of freedom fights

United Nations Human Rights Council logo.

United Nations Human Rights Council logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Planet Cries

Oh feel the planet’s salty tears
Consumerism rife
That calculates for profit each
Unique human life

From childhood prodigies who are
Pushed and pulled to be
A tower of dollars mounting up
And stars for all to see

To women walking on the streets
All clad in skimpy clothes
For men to buy and use at will
Prostitution to expose

Or the slaves of inner Africa
And human trafficking
For wealth and riches to amass
A trade so damaging

And children working on the street
In Southern Latin parts
Risking abuse for little gain
Such impoverished hearts

Plus gambling, alcohol and drugs
All sold for pots of gold
To those who’s cravings buy them out
Their lives deprived and sold

Lest murder, wars not to forget
Corruptions of the soul
The depths of tears that spill for all
Consumed from pole to pole


Where Is The True Equality?

Where is the true equality
That comes this day and age
When it appears some women are
Still treated like a page
As servant in attendance and
Enslaved just by their sex
Excluded by their gender that
In short’s a double hex
To curse them; hold them hostage to
Deny them freedom to
Stand up, be strong, uphold their rights
It really doesn’t do
For bar the call for equalness
And move from suffragette
Woman should stand equivalent
Alongside men and get
An equal part in what is said
Throughout society
To have, to hold, to be involved
Not side-lined!  Let them be
Allowed to breathe, to prosper, to
Contribute more beside
Consider them in equal rank
In unity reside

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There are many layers to harassment
The subtle and more sour
The clothes of provocation that
Are worn to overpower

The undergarments that constrict
With suits that quite immerse
The ties that throttle or perplex
And shirts that noose not nurse

The dresses that disguise the facts
And belts that whip and scar
The shoes that kick in teeth and head
The bags that hold no bar

The wardrobe of persecution
Worn by those still more and more
The constant form of harassment
That goads and plagues for sure

And with each fashion statement they
Torment so constantly
These items that persist on paths
Exhausting anxiously

Harassment, such a cruel sport
That’s dressed in many way
But one that really has to stop
Destroying lives each day