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The Cat Burglar

He came just like a stalker
To mark out his territory
To seal his scent upon the ground
For power’s supremacy

He trespassed in the garden
And sprayed his odour foul
And then he left – the cat burglar
In quietness with no howl

Nor hiss or spit or catfight
He left without reward
For all he found was emptiness
That failed to strike a chord

And bar the scent – the mark he left
He left not one surprise
So powerless to elicit more
Dressed in cat’s disguise

The Cloud That Masks The Sun

My Dad left us when I was young
I knew not what to do
He said that life was sad for him
To stay right there with you

He said the past had been real bad
Like treading on eggshells
That there was more for him out there
Than staying in this hell

He said there was another Mum
Much better than my own
That she was such a nice person
A new Mum to be known

He said he’d still be there for me
“I’m still your Dad, you know”
But how could he hate Mum so much?
Why did he have to go?

I simply needed just one thing
For Mum and Dad to be
Together now and to recall
That they had BOTH made me

I wanted all the pain to go
For peace – stability
To see the sun come out and shine
For some tranquillity

I needed time to contemplate
To find myself again
I needed space to chill a bit
For I was only ten

I needed time to understand
To try and fathom out
Why adults do these horrid things
That mean they then walk out

I wanted life to carry on
Just like it was before
I wanted unconditional love
To walk right through the door

I didn’t want to hear from Dad
What I should think and do
I wanted him to put me first
And be quite contrite too

But that just didn’t quite pan out
He didn’t hear me say
Why I was sad and what I felt
What hurt me on that day

He just made up his own version
Of events to overcome
His despondency and sense of guilt
The things that made him glum

And so we parted company
It broke my heart in two
For all I needed him to say was
“We’re still both here for you!”

And so the story carries on
A man without his son
And son without his father there
The cloud that masks the sun

 Parental Alienation occurs usually due to divorce or separation where a child expresses unjustified dislike or hatred towards the other parent.  This often results in access to the rejected parent being impeded and restricted unnecessarily and is often said to have occurred due to the negative influences of the non-rejected parent most commonly the parent who the child resides with.  However, on occasions it can be the other way round with the rejected parent causing the situation through their own negativity.  The term does not apply in child abuse cases where the rejection is the result of a child protecting themselves.  The call therefore needs to go to all parents in a split to put aside personal differences, to honour an ethos of love, respect and responsibility for their child to embrace the fact that their children have a dual parentage heritage so that children do not lose contact with either parents in this situation.  For further reading you might like to visit



If you want to keep it private
Then don’t verbalise out loud
Or write it in an e-mail
Or construct a status proud
Or mention to another
Whilst having a coffee
Chitter chatter that’s just gossip
To fuel a fire of calumny

So consider what you’re saying
And get your facts just right
For talking behind backs
Is never out of sight
And know that innuendo
Will only cause more grief
Destroying most relationships
Instead of giving calm relief

So be honest in your dealings
With all folk far and wide
Be open and be up front
But beware emotions’ tide
And consider other’s feelings
And observe alternate views
For else you might just find out
That gossipmongers hunt out you!