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There is a fog, a miasma of mind
Consuming the soul
Burdening the heart
With relentless might
That hails from confusion
A place; a world, an existence
That engulfs any who cross the threshold
A fog obscuring even obscurity
In plumes of despair,
In a nebula of persecution
Relentlessly hijacking truth
And holding hostage hope
In a soup of neural corruption
Where the light is stolen
And the swirls of night sweep
Cell by cell
Synapse by synapse
Into the abyss
Trapped, nay lost, in a living hell
From whence there seems no escape

At The Gateway Of Tomorrow

Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating
Contemplating the heinous crimes against humanity
Crimes against humanity bereaving the world of her soul
Her soul lost in the dusk of yesterday
In the dusk of yesterday and the night of the day before
The day before where division has stripped backs raw
Backs raw and the hides torn apart
Torn apart bleeding rivers of tears
Rivers of tears burning from the heart

And yet in the embers of those flames why have we not learnt
Not learnt the lessons of yesterday
Yesterday and vanquished humanity where tomorrow’s sun dims
Tomorrow’s sun dims and cannot rise above the horizon
The horizon where hope lies abandoned by the deeds of people
The deeds of people that still wound the planet and suffocate
Suffocate her breath, deprive her people tomorrow
Tomorrow slain by today and yesterday
Standing at the gateway of tomorrow and contemplating


slavery (Photo credit: derpunk)


Living under clouds so grey
Hounded, sought out every day
Oppressed, harassed and haunted too
Victimised by vicious few
Bullies rife that persecute
Their words and actions bullets shoot
For by the deeds of tyranny
Free speech suppressed kills liberty

Persecution – devil’s scorn
Hands of torture never mourn
Or care for how they hound and hunt
Their plague strikes down, their malice blunt
And lives destroyed; taken too soon
Sun stifled by the bloody moon
That comes in stealth with heartless strife
And suffocates to end all life


The School Bully

The bitchin’ and the backstabbing
The threats that they all said
The taunting and the petty jibes
Filled up her pretty head

The cracks of “we don’t talk to her”
“Send her to Coventry”
The ostracism and the pain
Complete despondency

The lack of appreciation
The shouting out of names
The hostility and hatred
The slur and playing games

The sadness so overwhelming
The devastating strife
The ongoing persecution
Left her to take her life

The life that had been so precious
Now gone prematurely
By administrating malice
The unchecked school bully

Next week is anti-bullying week aiming to call on all children and young people to create a bully-free future.  To find out more click here or visit the Anti-Bullying Alliance Facebook page.  Whatever age you are though bullying is unacceptable – it is sadly not confined to childhood but can crop up anywhere at anytime but there is help and support out there.  If you are/have been affected by this please talk to someone about it.  More support is also available here as well