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Does the World Owe You Anything?



If at first you don’t succeed
Tumble down or trip
Be certain to get up again
Regain control of whip
To bounce back quite decisively
And once more grab the reigns
Determined that you won’t give up
But try and try again

Never Give Up!

See the watery sun
Weak on the horizon
Struggling to awake
Battered by the storms
Diluted by the rains
Assaulted in her plight
To rise up against the night
And break through dawn’s fog

And yet always, without fail
Claiming victory each morning
As she climbs into the sky
Dismissing the darkness
To bring light on each new day
An example for us all
To never concede
To never give up

English: Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wis...

English: Sunrise in the fog, near Horicon, Wisconsin. Français : Lever de soleil dans la brume, près d’Horicon, dans Wisconsin (États Unis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Wall

It rose up from the ground so tall
An obstacle, a wall
It towered ahead to make me think
I’d hit it and would fall
And fail and give up all in one
This wall that was so high
With bricks and steel that blocked my path
I wanted just to cry

To run away and not look back
Surrender and give in
For such impediment in place
Meant I could never win
It hindered and it hounded me
It overcame my will
It won the battle in my mind
Lost hope that did infill

My every thought filled with despair
The wall had won the day
Or that’s at least what it did think
Until I found my way
To muster perseverance with
Determination new
For with these two sat at my side
The challenge could renew

And might and mind combined in one
To move on; motivate
And now the wall has fallen down
Powerless it can’t create
A block, a hitch or hurdle
For it’s gone from whence it came
And now I’m right back on the track
Right back and in the game!

English: Bricks in a wall.

English: Bricks in a wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reality Lives

What happened to our private lives?
That stayed behind the door
The lives that lived out day to day
Where washing wasn’t for
Displaying on the laundry line
For one and all to see
What happened to those private lives?
The things of privacy

For now it seems our lives are all
Out in the public eye
Lived out upon the big display
Where there is no standby
Switch on the box and there we are
Or there we’d like to be
Those beings that we have become
Reality TV!

From Oprah to a man named Kyle
Addictions to such things
Just suck us in to then subscribe
To others’ suffering
Or in the name of X Factor
We look to find a star
But through all this we can forget
Just what and who we are

For safe to say you can become
Just who you want to be
But it is done through quiet resolve
Not plastered on TV
Nor any other media
Who offer you quick fame
But by quiet steady devotion
To play life’s living game

So don’t be fooled to think that you
Will make it to the top
By surrendering your privacy
With novelty hip hop!
But set about to plan a path
On which you want to go
Then persevere and dedicate
Your will to make it so!