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People Watching


Bigoted Boy

Bigoted boy
With your views all awry
No compassion nor care
So much hatred – I cry

So much venom in young blood
So much failure to see
The bigger picture in life
Lacking integrity

For your judgements disclose
Discrimination and more
Prejudice, contempt, meanness
A heart that is poor

That lacks real understanding
A spirit that’s broke
That’s cruel and unworthy
That throttles and chokes

That hurts the world and her people
For bigoted boy
Your tactics just stink
Don’t build up but destroy

For they damn any hope
Any truth; any love
And miss the altitudes view
When we look from above!

So take just a moment
To think if you will
To step back and consider
With less dogma still

And know that perfection
Just doesn’t exist
As your bigotry’s proved
Now ain’t that the twist!

The Subjective View

The subjective view
Is is right? Is it true?
Or a ruse to convince you and me
As perspective contorts
And is all out of sorts
Whilst losing objectivity


White dress, gold dress, black dress, blue
Just goes to show so many views
Yet none are wrong and none are right
Cos with a little inner sight
The fact apparent seems to be
That each has subjectivity
That’s biologically hard wired
Where rods and cones get simply fired
Up in so many different ways
That all opinions have their day
And therefore it may be correct
To understand and not forget
That we are all a collective
With many varied perspectives



The world is but a body of fluid perspective
Covered in a skin of beliefs
Yet pierce that skin and she will bleed
Bleed wars, vengeance and bitterness
Until veins coagulate into curdled rivers of hatred
And scars pit her being forever

Ophthalmic Twist

When I was young I marvelled with my eyes
To navigate the world and all I saw
I loved and laughed and, yes, I sometimes cried
And sought to see as much for certain sure

When I was older by the use of sight
I read and learnt absorbing words in text
And saw so many things past rainbows bright
Exploring life to see what happened next

But now I’m old and vision escapes me
The light grows dim and sights blurs to a mist
My heart is now my compass and my lens
Accommodating in ophthalmic twist

Happy Perspectives (Haiku)

Subjective thinking
And wrong interpretations
Can cause much upset

Why not think again
Take the altitude view for
Happy perspectives

Happiness is a question of perspective - Glück...

Happiness is a question of perspective – Glück ist eine Frage der Perspektive (Photo credit: alles-schlumpf)


The age of pure enlightenment
They tell us is now here
“Oh Really?” I do thus reply
“You mean all things are clear?”
For to the casual onlooker
You wonder what they mean
Enlightenment – are they quite sure?
Insights that can be seen?
“Oh get away” I cry out loud
“For all we’ll ever see
Is what we chose to thus observe
Personal acuity”

For call it what you really will
Enlightenment – insight
Or informed education more
Some things are masked from sight
Without a view from way up high
Let’s say – al-ti-tude view
For that’s about perspectives and
The me accepting you
And can be quite a complex thing
For us to honour still
For subjectively can mask
Our pure objective will!

So in this age of insights bright
Enlightenment and more
Let us consider that we must
Light candles on the shore
So that the tide of empathy
Will lap and comprehend
That blame and judgement rarely are
Considered as a friend
And make a wish on next New Year
To climb so very high
Enlighten what this really means
As watchmen in the sky