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Conditioning Fish

So it seems that it’s possible
To condition certain fish
To come when they are beckoned by
A ‘bell’ they reminisce

And they’ll even press a lever
For reward of extra food
At certain times of day or night
When this has been imbued

So the question that is begging
Is are they just like mice
To train in some laboratories
With clinical device

For apparently it’s been shown
Our fish can be so foxed
By training them to come when called
In a fishy Skinner’s box

Conditioning Fish

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The Cat Burglar

He came just like a stalker
To mark out his territory
To seal his scent upon the ground
For power’s supremacy

He trespassed in the garden
And sprayed his odour foul
And then he left – the cat burglar
In quietness with no howl

Nor hiss or spit or catfight
He left without reward
For all he found was emptiness
That failed to strike a chord

And bar the scent – the mark he left
He left not one surprise
So powerless to elicit more
Dressed in cat’s disguise

A Dog’s Life

I’ll stand and stretch and yawn out loud
And wag my tail awake
Then bounce about and make a dash
And have a little shake

Now did I hear that magic word?
A walk – oh goodness me
The excitement builds – I love my life
I bound about with glee

My lead is on – the door’s in sight
Soon it is open wide
And off we go right down the street
Dog and owner side by side

But wait the lamp post sits just there
With tempting smells to sniff
And, oh, dear Lord, there’s next door’s cat
To chase, bark at and biff

And crikey! Can it really be!
That bitch from number five!
Oh boy, give me a whiff of her
For she makes me feel alive

And now, we’re at the park. Oh yes!
That open space just calls to me
My ball is thrown, I duly fetch
And lap up this luxury

And now it’s time to wander back
I walk so proud and tall
For back at home I know one thing
My food will surely call

And then by the fire I’ll have nap
With no worry and no strife
Content to be a man’s best friend
And live the dream; it’s a dog’s life

A Dog's Life


Onyx coat of jet desires
Blissed silken comfort paradise
Parading purrs of dignity
And oriental song far cries.

With vocal call in friendly tone
Pure gold of love within your eyes
And social grace most cordial
A feline angel so adored.

Companion, friend and confidant
Kins-cat, and gem of life and love
A jewel of faithfulness and pride
Our Diadem of Burmese Throne.


Always in our hearts (1991-2011)