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What is it with assumption?
The way we postulate
With supposition’s claims
On which we ruminate
And how do our hypothesis
Add up and make much sense
Are they genuine conjectures?
Or deductions too immense?
And why buy-in to certain theories
That we swear are sure to go
Do they consider all the abstract parts?
Are they fully in the know?

For when we start assuming
There’s a truth that we believe
That the point that we are making
Is the one that all perceive
But maybe by subscription
We have enslaved fictitious thoughts
Or succumbed to the suggestions
That others thought we ought
For assumption can be delusion
And simply out of tune
If we jump to some conclusions,
That assume just far too soon!



Truth and Responsibility

There’s a culture of blame apparent
That’s swept across the land
Paralysing the sense of freedom
Taking truth hostage in its stand

There’s a move towards complacency
That’s asphyxiating hearts
An inability to apologize
Segregating into parts

There’s a harbouring of hatred
Suffocating liberty
Depriving love and laughter
Detaining in captivity

There’s an ethos of rash judgement
That fails to understand
Neglecting to appreciate
Different perceptions hand in hand

There’s a path of destruction
That stifles global breath
Draining empathy and compassion
Leaving a trail of death

There’s a choice to be made?
A subscription to integrity
Upholding honour daily
With truth and responsibility

What is Truth?

Is it a subjective perception?
And objective persuasion?
A relative representation?
Or an absolute incarnation?
Does it fit with coherence?
Or correspond to an actual state?
Has it been construed by Man?
Perhaps a consensus of opinion in debate?

If the pieces can be verified
In practice is this true?
Does it require a minimalist viewpoint
To interpret and get through?
Or can the truth be performed
Through a statement that is clear?
Or implied in pluralistic terms
Combining different vectors and ideas?

So the veracity of truism
Depends upon your base,
Not just in physical positioning
More so in the metaphorical place.
Maybe truth is a perception
Maybe it’s not so very clear
For to discern if there is truth involved
Is to take a stand from far and near.

To look from other angles,
To not subscribe to blame,
To ascertain the reasoning,
Put responsibility in the frame.
To question and re-question
To consider all the views,
For the truth that you consider true
May look very different in another’s shoes.