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If you suffer the illusion
That you’re better than the rest
Or in some other way believe
That you’re different and more blessed

Then take a look around you
And see what I can see
For everyone is equal
The thing is to be free

Free from ideas that isolate you
And free from other thoughts
That separate and constrict your views
In ways other than they ought

For it’s really very simple
Each human life has worth
There really is no pyramid
That exists upon this earth

And it’s not really what you do
But much more who you will be
So embrace a heart of fairness
And subscribe to equality.




I dream of a utopia
Where all men would be free
Where none would be restricted
Upholding liberty
Trading in a currency of respect
Where integral honesty would flow
A place where blame would dwindle
Responsibility would grow
A world that deals in kindness
Where consideration is rife
Where a subscription to love your neighbour
Becomes the new way to live life
Where accountability is normal
And potential can be achieved
With a creed of empathy
And encouragement conceived

And in my Utopian dream
A clear vision is revealed
A world where all are equal
Where truth is not concealed
For here ideal society
Is as real as real can be
And inspiration is quite tangible
Shining out through you and me
With clarity and transparency
With compassion and with care
With dedication and understanding
Surrounding everywhere
And the world is shooting to the moon
And reaching to the stars
With a sense of fulfillment and completeness
Utopian hearts that now are ours.


Be Who You Want To Be!

I fell upon the stairs last night
And slipped the whole way down
And at the end a gulf appeared
That sucked me in the ground

Much like the hole that Alice found
But here no rabbits ran
Instead a world of possibility
A place of no set plan

A realm of opportunity
A domain of prospects rife
A  land where all could have a go
To flourish and live life

And sat up on the hillside
Was a place that seemed so real
A place of safety and of sanctuary
To contemplate and heal

To sit a while and listen
To that small voice from within
That gave direction and gave succour
With help and with meaning

And as it did the mist cleared
The whole world opened wide
The sunshine shone so strongly
With rays of light beside

And a truth revealed in glory
With encouragement anew
That all you need to be in life
Is very simply you!

For it’s you that has the courage
It’s you that holds the key
The you that’s always good enough
To be just who you want to be!

Truth and Responsibility

There’s a culture of blame apparent
That’s swept across the land
Paralysing the sense of freedom
Taking truth hostage in its stand

There’s a move towards complacency
That’s asphyxiating hearts
An inability to apologize
Segregating into parts

There’s a harbouring of hatred
Suffocating liberty
Depriving love and laughter
Detaining in captivity

There’s an ethos of rash judgement
That fails to understand
Neglecting to appreciate
Different perceptions hand in hand

There’s a path of destruction
That stifles global breath
Draining empathy and compassion
Leaving a trail of death

There’s a choice to be made?
A subscription to integrity
Upholding honour daily
With truth and responsibility

The Victim’s Consciousness

By practice and suggestion
The perpetrator succumbs
To the Victim’s Consciousness,
With its stealthy grasp on reality
And it’s deceptive claw in reason.

By choice and decision
The beguiling facade emanates
From the mind of mentality to the seat of the soul,
With deprivation of autonomy
And denial of self dependence.

By calculation and determination
The Victim’s Consciousness concedes
To non-existential perceptions,
With memories of authenticity
Being twisted in a contorted web.

Thus the perpetrator is perpetrated,
Resident in the apparent delusion,
For the Victim’s Consciousness inhabits
And thus capitulates to reactivity
Endorphins of another day.

New Beginnings

There’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Especially when the starting point
Closes a past that craved for more
The past that stifled like a noose
Draining life so far away
Constraining like iron shackles
That made the night persist all day

But by stepping in the present
And putting the past so far behind
Living life in the moment
Becomes a tonic to the mind
And the heart then lightens swiftly
Embracing renewed vitality and peace
With blessed breaths of freshened air
For longevity that won’t cease

And looking to the future
Instills hope and more besides
Learning from the lessons of the past
With those today sat side by side.
So there’s something very special
About new beginnings that’s for sure
Taking giant steps or just small ones
Such inspiration opens doors!

What is Truth?

Is it a subjective perception?
And objective persuasion?
A relative representation?
Or an absolute incarnation?
Does it fit with coherence?
Or correspond to an actual state?
Has it been construed by Man?
Perhaps a consensus of opinion in debate?

If the pieces can be verified
In practice is this true?
Does it require a minimalist viewpoint
To interpret and get through?
Or can the truth be performed
Through a statement that is clear?
Or implied in pluralistic terms
Combining different vectors and ideas?

So the veracity of truism
Depends upon your base,
Not just in physical positioning
More so in the metaphorical place.
Maybe truth is a perception
Maybe it’s not so very clear
For to discern if there is truth involved
Is to take a stand from far and near.

To look from other angles,
To not subscribe to blame,
To ascertain the reasoning,
Put responsibility in the frame.
To question and re-question
To consider all the views,
For the truth that you consider true
May look very different in another’s shoes.