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Workout Wobbles

The lure of the duvet
The weight of your legs
When the gym comes a calling
Or swimming pool begs
And any old reason
Just pops in your head
To sleep a bit longer
And stay in your bed!

Yet lash out at temptation
Resist any urge
To languor and linger
Let its will not be heard
Nor conceded to; obeyed
For the longer you stay
Under cover the harder
You’ll find that workout today!

So put your mind to it
Jump up and resolve
To beat any decoys
That simply don’t solve
The matter before you
The need to get fit
And with it more healthy
Be strong and don’t quit!!!!

Oh and note to self – maybe don’t use writing a poem about it as an excuse not to go! 🙂

Health club main workout area Category:Gyms_an...

Health club main workout area Category:Gyms_and_Health_Clubs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On Your Bike!

Get on your bike, get pedalling
Get cycling quick today
For fitness and much more beside
We’re told will line your way
When you stride cross the saddle and
Head out your two wheels
So first think bike when on a trip
To wear off all those meals
And burn a few spare calories
Tone up and get healthy
And then enjoy the added charm
Of saving some money!
For bar the cost of bike and hat
There’s not much else to spend
For with no fuel costs breaking you
Your bike can be your friend!

On Your Bike