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The Face

The face is a painting of the soul and the heart
A picture portraying great calm or disquiet
An image apparent either free or in pain
A depiction of life in a personal refrain
Either singing an aria so sweet and so true
Or mumbling in minor chords oh so blue
And so in the mirror the one who appears
Is a reflection of life across many years


Give Me A Picture

Give me a picture and I’ll pen down some words
Another image of sorts that can only be heard
In the mind of the viewer resonating the heart
Give me a picture for such prose to impart

Give me a picture and we’ll journey so far
To distant lands on the horizon; by boat and by car
By aeroplane, train, on foot or horseback
Give me a picture and we’ll stay on that track

Give me a picture and we’ll dream through the night
Inspired to see more; to love, learn, gleam insights
Imaginings wonder with pictures and sounds
Synchronizing forever as such art knows no bounds

Give Me A Picture

Image copyright 2015 Ginz&Tonic taken from The Cat And Fiddle Pub, Buxton