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A Fable

A Fable
Four little starlings
Sat all in a row
Up high upon the aerial
Thinking where to go

Three tweeted all together
Hatching a plan of where to fly
Yet one would not play ball
And flew off alone into the sky

He flew towards the sun
Intent that he knew best
Proud that he was his own bird
Independent of the rest

He ignored the other three
Who tweeted ‘come back here’
But Derek (we’ll call him that)
Thought ‘I’ve got this, don’t you fear’

Soaring on the wind,
He puffed himself with glee
“I’m so much better than those others
So much greater than those three!”

His ego was astonishing
His arrogance complete
Yet sadly he would not listen
Why the other three did tweet

For the sun, as he perceived it
Was not the sun at all
But a ball of fluffy ginger cat
Who became Derek’s downfall!

And in an instant with a huge pounce
Up high into the blue
Poor Derek met his comeuppance
And became this cats new chew!

So the moral of this story
Is listen to the team
For their perspective maybe the ticket
That helps you reach your dream!

Beyond my four walls

I don’t think you can ever get bored looking out of a window. The scene changes minute on minute from the lighting to the colours to the moods. An ever changing gallery when we stop to look past the familiar to the wonders around us and enjoy every observation. So good for the soul.

Beyond my four walls


A little bit of sun can really lift the spirits. And to celebrate her appearance today, here’s a Spring tanka. Tanka is a style of poetry similar to Haiku but based over 5 lines with syllable counts of 5,7,5,7,7. Why not have a go at writing one and share it with me.

Spring Tanka




Exploring Love through the words of Shakespeare and the Bible. Love is life’s elixir – an energy that transcends space and time emanating from within.


Break in the Clouds

We had a glorious day yesterday. It was warm and sunny and such a welcome break to this long cold winter


The Cat in the Attic

There’s a cat in the attic
She refuses to budge
She’s been there for months
And cannot be nudged
And I’ve offered her comfort
In the rest of the house
But the cat in the attic
Prefers to hunt out the mouse
That also resides there
For before now he’d squeak
Though there’s been silence on that front
Now for over a week!

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there for years
I’ve begged her to come down
Have even resorted to tears
With treats to entice her
To come and play down the stairs
Though she doesn’t oblige and has
Seemingly no cares
But she seems pretty happy
To stay put in the roof
With her meals sent up daily
She remains quite aloof

There’s a cat in the attic
She’s been there decades
Never ventured much further
Or gone on escapades
She’s lived her whole life
In rafters up high
Occasionally peaking
At the stars in the sky
But the cat in the attic
Simply will not come down
Lost in lands of imaginings
Where she’s the cat about town


The yellow rose symbolises friendship and care. They also represent remembrance. This poem is dedicated then to friendship and the everlasting blessing they give 💕

A Prayer

It’s Not My Fault!

A portrait of Victim’s consciousness