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Bindweed 🐝

The battle of the bindweed
A creepy damned affair
As under fence and through crevice
The stuff is everywhere
A wrapping round the plant stems
A stranglehold that thwarts
Growth and health and thriving
As it chokes and kills in short!

And though troublesome in plenty
There’s one good thing it does
For its blooms produce a pollen
For moth larvae and bees that buzz
And so for gardener the bindweed battle
May be a constant fight
Yet a battle won on one front
May be a war lost in hindsight!


The pollen’s a rising
Noses starting to run
Throats scratching; eyes itching
Oh summer’s not fun
When hayfever’s happening
Such great misery
Give me warmth, give me sunshine
Not grass allergy!

English: View through rape field towards Westb...

English: View through rape field towards Westbury cement works Two potential causes of respiratory problems in one image: the pollen from oil seed rape causes extreme hayfever in some, whilst in the past there have also been concerns over the potential effect of the cement works ST8852 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bee

Give me pollen – give me nectar
I’ll keep right out your way
But flap your arms and run about
And then I’ll have my say

And sting you oh so quickly
To say “just get a grip”
Cos acting up scares me so much
And then I have to nip

But please don’t take any offence
And kill me if I do
Cos in all truth I’m here to serve
And make honey for you!

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris)

Bumblebee feeding om nectar (Bombus terrestris) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)